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Inspired by the book by risk manager and PhD Nassim Taleb, the Black Swan set was first shown at the very beginning of 2020 and became somewhat prophetic: just a month before the outbreak of the global pandemic, chef Vladimir Mukhin reflects on the possible end of the world. "Black Swan" not only raises questions, but also gives answers to them – the dishes are represented by the most positive gastronomic trends: rejection of cruelty, waste-free consumption, rethinking delicacies, authenticity, focus on organics, food as medicine, alternative proteins. The dinner guests, together with the chef, look into the future and are the first to taste the food that our slightly more conscious great-grandchildren will probably eat
Performance • 6+


Ryazhenka from swan livers, sag duck, oatmeal loaf, famous for the Chef's Table series from Netflix, cherry flour kundums with moose lips, honey — the menu of this set sounds Old Russian, but unusual ingredients and ancient recipes are combined with cutting-edge technologies, fine dining style serving and a story that will immerse you into the unknown depths of the history of Russia
Performance • 6+
"Contrast" is a philosophical edible essay about the eternal struggle
and friendship of opposites and the nature of dualism.

Contrast makes up a significant difference between these opposites: different times, sensations, location, condition, color, texture and taste;
something that simultaneously emphasizes their dissimilarity and unites them into one picture.

A dozen ironically meaningful pairs are waiting for guests: "Neither fish nor meat",
"Fire — water", "Sea — land", "End — beginning", "Proton — neutron" and others
Performance • 6+
The menu of the tasting set "Back to the Future" consists entirely of the most popular childhood memories of our guests: grandma's pancakes, olivier, Mimosa and Love is gum, but, of course, in a fine dining reading.

The task of this 12—course menu is not to return to the Soviet past (although the names of the dishes are entirely Soviet) and even more so not to use primitive combinations of products, but to show a modern interpretation of traditional treats and how food can evoke memories of childhood
Performance • 6+
This tasting menu was invented during the trip of chefs Vladimir Mukhin, Vladislav Alekseev and the team to Vladivostok. They returned from the expedition with a rich catch of new ideas and unique Far Eastern products. Trumpeter, anadara is the only mollusk with a circulatory system (and extremely useful!), scallop, oysters, sea urchins, fern and klopovka berry are now regularly served as part of this set celebrating the richness of nature of Primorye
Performance • 6+
Vladislav Alekseev's new menu "Listopad" is dedicated to the harvest, the end of the green season and the beginning of autumn. Before the advent of Christianity in Russia, there was even a special holiday called Autumn, which was celebrated in several stages after the traditional Saviours – Honey, Apple and Walnut. The holiday was associated with the imminent onset of winter, as well as the end of heavy field work. The menu includes a festive loaf, corn, colorful Pomeranian carrots, Kozhukhovskaya beetroot, gooseberries, the very heather honey from the ballad:

Heather drink
Forgotten a long time ago.
And he was sweeter than honey,
Drunker than wine.

All this, of course, in fine dining reading and accompanied by stories about our Slavic roots, about the calendar, traditions and rituals, and what unites us all
Performance • 6+