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Vladimir Mukhin

Krasota - иммерсивный гастропроект WRF, соединяющий визуальное искусство от студии Антона Ненашева, гастрономию от Владимира Мухина, дизайн пространства от Натальи Белоноговой и общую концепцию от Бориса Зарькова.

Проект состоит из двух пространств - ресторана и гастротеатра.
Ресторан на 35 посадочных мест работает ежедневно на обед и ужин.
Гастротеатр на 20 персон дает один вечерний спектакль через сторителлинг визуального искусства и дегустационного меню.
White Rabbit Family Brand Chef
White Rabbit Restaurant Chef

Vladimir Mukhin is probably the most famous Russian chef in the world. His restaurant White Rabbit was ranked 13th in The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2019. Vladimir Mukhin’s cuisine combines an interest in ancient traditions and recipes, modern cooking techniques, local and seasonal food from farmers and gatherers. Vladimir's repertoire today includes five tasting menus, each with a special style and philosophy, for example, "Contrast" explores the unity of opposites, "Black Swan" - the latest gastronomic trends in the world, and "Metamorphosis" let you trace the evolution of the chef's creativity since the opening of the restaurant .
Coco lardo 2.0
Moss, cheese and fried milk
Scallops, redberry and pickle juice
Soaked pumpkin and black caviar
Cabbage head, sour cream and roots
Cedar, moonshine and scallops
Buckwheat and sea urchin
Brewers grains
Dolma and yogurt
Soaked apple
Draw your future
Tea and buckwheat
Black Swan
Crab, carrot and salted egg yolk
Sour soup with smoked herring
Bird cherry flour kundums with roasted elk tongues and eels
Turnip and topinambur soup with wild duck
Starlet with sour grain, pike caviar and fried carp sauce
Pear with honey russian beverage and vendace caviar
Tavranchuk beef ribs cooked in the brew with onion pie
Dark rye bread
Moose milk